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Doula Services & Rates

As your doula, I will work with you during your pregnancy to get to know you and your partner.  I will learn your hopes and fears for your upcoming birth and help you develop a birth plan. 

Doula: Welcome

Services Provided

Beginning 2 weeks prior to your due date,  I will be on call for you in anticipation of your birth. 

As an emotional/physical support person during your labor and delivery, I will support you by:

  • Reminding you of questions to ask

  • Suggesting positions and movements to keep labor progressing

  • Providing comfort when needed

I will remain with you and your family for a couple hours after the birth to help make sure you are settled. I will help you initiate breastfeeding if that is your plan.

During the postpartum period, I meet with you 1-2 times, to check on you and discuss questions/concerns about feeding and sleeping.  I am there to listen and help process your birth journey.  

My role is not to judge, but to support whatever birth you choose.  I have experience with a variety of deliveries.  I have attended vaginal births, planned cesarean births, medicated and non-medicated births, multiples, water births, inductions and perinatal loss. 

I attend births in hospitals, birth centers and in homes. 

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*Sliding Scale for Birth Doula Services


  • 1-2 prenatal visits

  • Doula support during labor and delivery

  • I am on call beginning 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date. This means I stay within an hour of your planned delivery area and keep my phone on day/night. 

  • 1-2 postpartum visits within the first six weeks after delivery

Half of the total fee is due at the first prenatal appointment and the remaining half is due at the first postpartum appointment.  I accept cash, check or credit/debit cards.

*Sliding scale is determined by what a client decides they can afford within the range given. I do not require income verification.

Two Massage Add-On

$195 - 60 minute

$245 - 90 minute

This price reflects a $15 discount clients receive when you purchase 2 prenatal or postpartum massages in addition to doula services.

Four Massage Add-On

$390 - 60 minute

$490 - 90 minute

This price reflects a $30 discount clients receive when you purchase 4 prenatal or postpartum massages in addition to doula services.

Doula: Price List
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